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When you awaken and raise the power of the mother you can change anything


Chanting is using a sacred sound or phrase to bring about the conditions you desire


OM Chant


When women chant, they manifest, they move mountains, they change circumstances.

Nothing is unmoveable. Just set your intention and chant the word. Words and sounds are vibrations and agents of change.


The Root Chakra

The first chakra is called Muladhara or the root chakra. It is where our Shakti aka Kundalini energy lies. In Tantra, this Shakti or life force energy is primordial creative consciousness. Shakti energy is ONE force and when she changes form, we give her a different name. When this energy is within our root chakra, it is called kundalini energy, but it is still Shakti energy.

The root chakra rules the kidneys and adrenals. These regulate the “fight or flight” system in our body. It also deals with protection, courage, power, and security.

Chanting can raise the kundalini energy and enhance everything related to the root chakra.

One chant for the root chakra is Ganesh’s chant:


This mantra is best repeated 108 times. You can use a mala ( recommended) to keep count.  Black Obsidian Mala Beads. It helps you to focus on the chant rather than counting.

Since Ganesh is the remover of obstacles, this energy can help us to get past anything that is holding us back from our desires. He is also a god (power) of wisdom and learning.

You can chant for something particular and simply focus on your goal while chanting, you can ask for clarity, or you can chant to maintain your energetic hygiene.

Chanting on a set day with a group can help you to stay consistent with this aspect of your spiritual practice. I perform or listen to chants when I am frustrated, need clarity or focus.

Try chanting and see what affect it has on your life.