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It is said that what man or woman believes in their heart is what is true…for them.


The difference between the haves and the have nots is a decision…


You truly get to choose what you will have in this world.

Obviously, we see the duality of extreme poverty and abundance, we see people who are chronically depressed and those on the other end of the spectrum who experience consistent joy. Then there are all the points in between.

Why do these extremes exist? Save for systems that are set up to place people in certain situations, the most common reason for anyone’s having or not having what they want is MINDSET.

Your mindset is based on the summary of knowledge and beliefs you have. The knowledge and belief that you have is what you will ultimately act on. It is also your attitude. How you see things and what you know will determine what you will believe you can be and have. It follows that if you want a different life, you must think different THOUGHTS, then you will have different actions.

How then should we think and what should we believe?

Well according to metaphysics, we are energy and there are certain ways that energy moves and behaves. If then, there are set patterns to the way our energetic being reacts to certain stimuli, then it would be best to learn these patterns so we can set ourselves up for success. We must DECIDE to have new outcomes by aligning ourselves with the appropriate energy that will help us to achieve our goals. One can never expect to be healthy all while constantly focusing on sickness just as being enveloped in impoverished thoughts will not lead to wealth.

The law says you REAP what you SOW…

The Lord spoken of in the Bible is really the law within, the GOD within. It is the set pattern of how things will go for you if you have certain thoughts which will inevitably be followed by certain actions.

The Law working in our lives is the way God expresses itself in everything around us. Everything that is caused, comes from some effect. This is LAW and we can create a different set of effects for ourselves if we would only learn the power of the mind.

There is a book I discovered years ago called Working with the Law and it has helped me immensely with my mindset and to create better things for myself.

I am having a 3-week book study to assist you in tapping into the God mind within, STAYING in it consistently and helping you with choosing to win.

We will meet twice weekly at 800 PM EST beginning July 28, 2017. The study will be recorded and accessible to you if you are not able to attend live.

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