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Change is not comfortable. It just isn’t. When you have been trodding along a path for a long time, doing the same mundane things day in and day out, you build up a certain energy. All the people, places and circumstances that you have gathered up along the way are all of a certain vibe, good or bad, and if you try to leave them behind, well they aren’t going to like it.  You are probably in the comfort zone where change is seen as a threat to the status quo.


Take for instance me deciding to stop feeding my daughter and me Cheetos back in 2008. I found out that the artificial dyes in foods caused skin disruptions like eczema and I was tired of seeing my little girl scratch herself until she bled.

“You aren’t gonna let them have any treats?”

“How can you take away their childhood like that?”

“You’re going too far”

Well, I stopped feeding her and myself red dye #3 and all the itching stopped. I wanted to change something that was harming my child and myself, but others apparently saw it as a threat. Oh well.

I guess I’m  a horrible mother.


I have heard other successful entrepreneurs say that people thought they were bat shit crazy to leave their secure jobs to start their own businesses. They started their businesses anyway despite the backlash and despite the discomfort.

If you try to date up or date better, you will hear similar things.

“Oh, you are too good for regular guys now?”

Yeah, in fact, I am.

What I’m saying is that people don’t like change. If they feel like you are doing something against the norm it makes them question themselves and a lot of people don’t like to feel like they are doing something wrong. It forces them out of their comfort zone and a lot of people are happy there. You might actually be the one sabotaging your own success by thinking you don’t belong in a certain social class or don’t think you deserve something better.

You deserve what you DECIDE you deserve out of life.

This is me encouraging you to keep seeking, to keep pushing and to continue walking the path to the bigger and better. It will not always feel good and you many times will want to stop. DON’T.

Other times, you will feel out of place and like something is just not meant for you. IT IS.

What you want is outside your comfort zone. Keep going and let nothing stop you on your journey.

Stay Savage,

Lisa M.