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A change in your daily routine will create a change in your whole life.

We all get stuck in ruts and follow habits that many times create undesirable outcomes in our lives.

On March 1, 2017, I decided to begin a 100-day detox to rid myself of all the bad habits I had in my daily routine. My goals were to remove everything from my life that was holding me back from my goals and to release extra weight.

To date, I have lost 24 pounds. Initially, I lost a lot of weight very quickly, but now it has slowed down to about a pound a day ( still fast). I feel great, and I am happy with my progress so far.

I am consuming fresh juices, smoothies, and blended soups. I also make sure to get a shot of wheatgrass daily and to take a multivitamin.

At night, I drink a cup of herbal tea. My favorite lately has been rose tea.

Equally important to me is detoxing my mind and my spirit. I usually refer to spirit as energy and use the words interchangeably. Having a clean diet and therefore a clean body does no good if I continue to dirty myself with low vibe conversations, music that taints my disposition, and thoughts that keep me from working up to my potential.

What we consume visually, what we listen to, and how we choose to feel all have an effect on our overall health. Imagine waking up every day hating your life, your job, you partner, your body and your health. This miserable existence is something I reject altogether, so I decided quite some time ago to do things differently to create another reality for myself.

My Daily Routine

When I wake up, I participate in a morning ritual I created for myself. The purpose of my morning ritual is to set the tone for the day. It helps me to purposely consume what I want so I get the outcome I desire. I was inspired to do this based on the program Morning Ritual Mastery by Stefan James. He encourages everyone to address their personal needs FIRST and to take care of physical needs, spiritual needs and mental needs. The idea is that if you take care of you first, then you will be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE to everyone else’s needs and will be able to achieve more and have more to give. You can check the program out here.

I am by no means perfect with this ritual, but the goal is not perfection, but rather continuous progress. If you do fall off, just figure out why then forgive yourself and get back on track. You will reach your goals if you keep moving forward, even if you take breaks along the way. The key is never to stop and to eliminate things that need to go.


My daily routine starts by doing some stretching and qigong.  I like an exercise called “swing arms” because I tend to carry a lot of tension in my neck. For anyone just beginning, don’t worry about doing a lot at first. Aim for 5 minutes initially and work your way up. The goal is first to create the habit and then expand from there.

I also make sure to hydrate myself with at least 32 oz high-quality water, and along with this, I drink either a fresh juice, coconut water, or a bottled cold-pressed juice. I make my own juice with my slow juicer. My favorite morning juice is orange, pineapple, grapefruit, mint, ginger and apple.

Sometimes, I don’t feel like making my orange juice, so I drink a glass of coconut water I buy fresh and unpasteurized from a local store or drink any cold pressed juice I can find from my local health foods store.

After I have attended to my physical need for some movement and hydration, I like to work on my body adornment. I usually take a long shower and then use my oils to hydrate my skin. I use coconut oil, jasmine and sweet almond oil right now. I apply it carefully all over myself paying special attention to my breasts, belly, and feet. I believe all women should carefully and lovingly massage themselves daily. Massage increases blood flow and helps the body to detox.


Usually, after this, I put on some music depending on my mood and get dressed. I apply a little makeup ( or a lot) and sit down for my yoni breathing practice. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina. I find it helps to improve my mood dramatically when I feel very centered and juicy as a woman. A woman’s yoni and womb are her power centers and the more in tune she is with these areas, the more she can accomplish.

I also use yoni eggs. These are crystals shaped as eggs that women can use to increase vaginal sensitivity, heal some traumas, enhance her creative power and also help tighten her vaginal walls. I don’t use my eggs every time I perform yoni breathing. I just use what spirit leads me to.

Finally, after I have worked on my body and then my energy, I move on to my mind aka mindset.


I like to read motivational books in the morning and since right now my main focus is building my own business, I am reading “Leave the Grind Behind” by Justin Gesso. This book offers a lot of practical tips on how to leave your job behind within a year.

You can click on the image to check it out.

My personal goal for this is December 31, 2017. Let’s face it; it’s HARD to leave the corporate world and enter into the realm of business ownership. There are so many things to learn, and it can be scary and uncertain, so reading the stories of those that have done it successfully is encouraging and necessary, so you don’t give in to fear and doubt.

Sometimes I may substitute a video for reading my book, or I dance to music instead of yoni breathing. As I stated before, the point is not to be perfect but rather consistent and to address the three key areas: Body, mind, and spirit and to set aside this time for YOU.

There are MANY other elements you can add to your morning ritual and you can tailor it to your needs. In addition to the above steps, I have my goals written down, my life mission and my weekly plans that I review daily.This is excellent for keeping yourself on track and mindful of what it is you want to accomplish daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.


I have a FABULOUS group of ladies on Facebook in the group Sovereign Savage, and I recently decided to create a more focused group called PURGE for my sisters. We are focusing on removing things from our lives that are no longer serving us and keep us from achieving our goals.

We will be starting with 30 days, a perfect jumpstart!

You can join us if you would like, just click the links above.

I will be giving more updates on how my personal 100-day total PURGE is coming along and the changes and the results I get.

Always remember that you created the life that you are experiencing now and you can always remove all the things you don’t want and start things anew.

Stay Sovereign and Savage,

Lisa M

✌🏾Things change when you decide to become unapologetically free ✌🏾